One Fine Day

It seems to be a great day since it was my convocation day. Finally, after four years of rag like life in engineering, I was going to get the graduation certificate. It was 1984 and back then the world was not the same for me as it is for you all now.

So I was going to my college in my dad’s Jeep. And reached the venue where the function was being held. I suppose I was early, as I could see nobody there. Other than the decoration and lights the entire place seemed deserted. I’ve started wondering where everyone else was and this got me worried. So I moved around for a perimeter check. All of a sudden I found a boy near the pond. Actually it wasn’t a pond, just a big puddle where the rain water had got accumulated. At first it seemed to me he was fishing but since I could see that there was no string attached to the fishing rod and still he was furiously whipping it.

I yelled out, “Hey kiddo. Do you know where everyone else is? A convocation ceremony was to be held today.”  There was response. So I went near him and as soon as I got a glance of his face I got terrified and it sent a chill down my spine. The face of the boy resembled mine when I was 10. I could not understand what on earth was happening. I mustered enough courage and repeated my question, but he ignored me completely, as if he couldn’t hear me.

I was about to approach him and soon something inevitable happened. Some lady called out from behind and the boy turned back. It was his sister, I guess. They were talking to each other ignoring me complete as if I did not exist. At first I could not see her properly but as soon as she came closer she revealed her beauty. She was young, bold, charming and yet boring. I was getting nervous and jittery as she came closer and closer towards me. I was drooling and she looked me in my eyes. I was about to open my mouth and say those three magical words and… SLAP!

Miss Turner, my math teacher was standing in front of me. All my classmates went on laughing hilariously.

Boy, I should not be daydreaming in class. I suppose the last word I heard.

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